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November 20, 2015


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I know a lot re paternity suits. If the mother had pursued her claim, Carson would have had to submit to a blood test, usually given by a private agency. If he did not like the result, another private test could have been ordered.

If Carson distrusts DNA testing, he has to explain why forensic DNA is reliable.

The big Q is this: Why did the putative mother drop her lawsuit against Carson?


wreynolds: "It also seems obvious that Carson’s personal attorney filed pleadings that denied the mother’s allegations. At that point, she was entitled to seek a blood test by filing a Motion for Scientific Paternity Testing, which appears to have been denied by the court, leading to the dismissal of the case."

This is a big nothing burger. Incredible stretch as part of Steve's effort to smear a Republican, any Republican, as part of Steve's political campaign here in the FL. Nit picking doesn't even begin to describe the frivolous way this entire "inquiry" ended up.

As one who doesn't support Carson I can honestly say I find this constant partisanship to be immature and unsophisticated. Until you see the fault in the members of your "team" - on the merits, not unseemly nit picking and dumb suppositions based on the thinnest of reeds - you will never be able to see the reason that solutions are so hard to find in the present political climate.

Zealots and ideologues, however convinced of their own purity and self righteousness, don't accomplish much but destruction. We see the proof of this everywhere, but the zealots and ideologues can't perceive it. They just see their own faults in others. So sad.



Nice post. Query, as I understand it the DNA testing is don by a private accredited laboratory, who take the DNA sample from the child and from the putative father - usually the lab has to be mutually agreeable, which means in effect putative father chooses. The state does not do the testing ... So why does Carson think his DNA could end up being used by the state to investigate him for criminal issues.

Excluding the secondary/tertiary transfer issues around LCN DNA - what is Carson so worried about?


See how it works, Steve?

"what is Carson so worried about?"

From your pov, well done. Mission accomplished.

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