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October 22, 2015


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Add http:// to the beginning to link.

Bill Turnier

Interesting that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine wants to control the price of eggs but not the prices charged by medical professionals in providing their services. Regulatory capture any one?

Kim Krawiec

Exactly, Bill, especially considering that ART services cost more in the United States than anywhere else in the world. If access to donor eggs for lower income patients were really a concern, there are any number of ways that ASRM-SART could address the problem that don't involve capping payments to egg donors. But to be clear, this isn't even a regulation -- it is an old-fashioned horizontal price fixing agreement, similar to those by lawyer, dentist, and engineering professional organizations that have previously been declared illegal.


Bill, the joke is that they're actually wimps. If they had real chutzpah, they'd declare that the Noble Ideal of Egg Amaturism bars donations for money. That is, money paid to the donor - the Eggstitutions, Egg Coaches, etc. would be free to rake it in.


Yes, they got it right and so did you.

Kim Krawiec

Thanks, Jeff! And thanks for the helpful conversations about this topic.

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