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October 17, 2015


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I hope this post will not be censored like my last one below in response to "mack" which of course he claimed I was a bigot and therefore worthy of exclusion.
My point is Jews should arm themselves and they need to understand that many people in America do not like them and one day those arms might save them. I think mack's equating Isrealis with terrorists is wrong. I support the Isrealis 100%. I think American Jews who want to "sit this one out" and criticize their Israeli brothers is arrogant and disgraceful. Sorry if this labels me an anti smite again I hope you don't delete this because mack says I am an illiterate anti smite as he called me before.


According to Hillary there are 90 gun deaths a day in the US. By law the NIH is prevented from studying or keeping detailed stats on gun incidents. Congress has spent over $4M investigating the death of four diplomat/security in Lybia. The NRA bull manure tossed at this issue is disgusting. This issue about guns in the hands of Jews in Europe during the Shoah is just more of the same bull crap. Why bother arguing the issue. The real problem is the dumb electorate who put folks the likes of Darrell Issa in office.

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