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September 02, 2015


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Why not label all civil unions civil unions?

That way, no "marriage" for anybody in the legal sphere. Let the state define "civil union" any way it chooses, as the limits of Kennedy's dignity test are tested. A claim to the "dignity" of a civil union can then be the standard by which all challenges are tested.

This would not only be less confusing to many, but wouldn't require this lengthy explanation.

This would also put into focus the reason that "domestic partnerships," defined as having EVERY BENEFIT of "marriage," were rejected as "stigmatizing" ...


Curiously enough, the Catholic Church in Ireland during the recent marriage referendum threatened to refuse to officiate at all marriages if the referendum passed. Essentially Irish law had delegated to priests, rabbis, imams and various other clergy the power to be civil registrars which made religious services a one-stop shop (unlike for example in countries like France where you have to go to the Mairie as well as the church, clearly marking the separation. There was somewhat of an angry backlash:

After the referendum the Church hoped that the threat would be quietly forgotten about, but pesky journalists kept asking and asking and finally, the Church conceded that, well, ummm, on reflection, well, you know, status quo ante prevails:


I posted something here with a couple of links - it's relevant tangentially - can someone let it through.

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