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September 19, 2015


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Joe Liu

Al, my daughter is doing public forum debate and has been digging into all of the articles on reparations. When I told her I knew you, she was very impressed!

Al Brophy

Joe, that's so nice of you to say this. That makes my day! (Hope my work is *helpful*.)


I also was a high school and college policy debater (and became a lawyer in no small part thanks to the "Amend Title VII" topic). Here we are, decades later, and I still think some of those changes ought to be made. The plan I ran is now the law in the state where I live, if not under Title VII.

Many of our kritiks were founded completely on law journal articles. But of course the card that everyone had was the Anthony Cordesman for the bottom of the disad that took you to total word annihilation. Imagine my surprise as an adult to learn many years later: (1) he was still alive; and (2) he was still railing about foreign policy ;) It was hard for me to accept his existence as a real human being, he was always THAT CARD to me.

Anyway, what an honor to be cited on a debate topic! :) Good for you.

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