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September 21, 2015


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James Grimmelmann

Will the new version of the AJLH be open access?

Al Brophy

Thanks for asking about this, James. Authors can post the submission version of their article on their website and after a 24 month embargo, the final version of their article, on their website, as I understand it. Here's the journal's standards on author self-archiving:

James Grimmelmann

Thanks, Al. Good to know.

Mary Dudziak

Congratulations, Al! Great news for the journal and for the field of legal history.

David Bernstein

Congrats, Al.

Al Brophy

Thanks, Mary and David! I'm looking forward to this; I think it'll be a lot of fun to see the cutting edge scholarship. I've been so focused on pre-Civil War southern legal history recently that I haven't had the chance to follow developments across the field. That's changed, rather dramatically, recently.

This reminds me that one thing that I thing that we could really use is the kind of survey articles that Bill Nelson and John Reid used to write for the Annual Survey of American Law. Because it seems the field is going in so many different directions, all at once, that it's really hard to stay on top of it.

Even within southern legal history it's remarkable to me how much the areas students are interested in has opened up. Gender, sexuality, inter-racial relations, literature, economic analysis, post-modern jurisprudence applied to proslavery decisions.... never ceases to impress me what categories of analysis are brought to legal history.

Dan Hamilton

Great news for the Journal and the field. Congratulations, Al.

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