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August 03, 2015


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Ben Barros

This is just devastating news. Marc was one of the first people I met in the academy, and was a great friend. I'm in shock, and will miss him greatly.

Ann Tweedy

What a devastating loss. Thank you for letting us know.

Nick Blomley

Very, very sad. A humane, passionate and generous man, and a good friend.

Bob Strassfeld

This is very sad news and a real loss to the legal academy. Marc was always thoughtful and kind, and I count myself lucky to have known him.


Mark was a visitor at Washington and Lee many years ago, and a frequent attendee at my Movie Nights. Knowing my irrepressible fondness for popcorn, he gave me a special microwaveable popcorn bowl, which I still have. I thanked him for it every time I saw him at AALS meetings. This observation, obviously inessential, hardly seems a fitting encomium for such a fine man. But it's what I have. I'm sorry to hear this news.

Adam Scales

Mark Wojcik

I am sorry to hear this news about Marc. He was a great guy and I enjoyed his company and his scholarship.

Peter Reich

Marc was a model for the best in academia: he shared ideas and applied them to make the world a better place. When I first met him in 1994 at the Law & Society conference in Phoenix I knew he would be a great colleague and friend. His loss leaves a huge gap.

Greg Bordelon

Marc was such a kind soul and showed such an interest in junior-faculty research interests. His patience, interest and sincerity really were shining examples.

Quince Hopkins

So devastated by this news. He was my mentor when I was first teaching Sexual Orientation and the Law at Washington and Lee. Louise Halper (RIP) connected me with Marc, and he was so generous in sharing his thoughts (and materials - which I still have) and was also so wonderfully gentle in challenging my own thinking. I owe much to him - as do so many who have been lucky enough to be touched by his heart, smarts and kindness.

Chelsea Miller

Professor Poirier was an amazing man and professor. I had the pleasure of taking his Law and Sexuality class while at Seton Hall and he had a profound impact on my life both during and following law school. Professor Poirier encouraged individuality every day, and ensured each student's voice was heard. He consistently challenged his students intellectually and pushed us to become brighter legal minds. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing. He was a brilliant man who touched many lives! He will be missed by many!

Frederick Peters

As someone who has been a friend of Marc's for over 45 years, I also want to comment on his extraordinary gifts as a musician. Marc was both a brilliant pianist and an innovative composer. When he and I first met as students at Andover in 1966, I was hugely impressed and influenced by his subtle use of harmony which, like his intellectual gifts, was both Protean and uncompromising. Marc's mind and heart are too soon lost to the world.

Russell cecil

My old college classmate. I loved him then. Didn't keep up the friendship but so sad to hear of his passing.

Andy Koppelman

I became friends with Marc at Yale Law School. We've spoken regularly since, and visited whenever either of us was in the other's town. He was a wonderful person and fabulous company. And he introduced me to Mahler's Symphony #2. I was enormously fond of him and will miss him.

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