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July 02, 2015


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Jeff --

I think I'm a bit late to the party here, so excuse me if you've already answered this question. But what's the game here? I sense from your post that you mean this to be funny, but I regret to say that I'm missing the joke. I trust it's in there -- and maybe also related to your work on identity -- but I guess I'm too dim to spot it. I'd be grateful if you'd explain.

Also: I think Iggy Azalea hates Britney most of all.


Jeff Redding

Confused: You *are* late to the party. And I'm confused by the results too. Who would've guessed? But nice point about Iggy Azalea. As a friend observed recently: How does she get a free pass and Rachel Dolezal does not?

Jeff Linshan

Benedict Cumberbatch was robbed!

Jeff Redding

Ooooh, handsomeness and talent!


Jeff --

Just to be clear, though I'm sure you know this already: I'm not at all confused by the results. Inanimate objects beat sentient beings in elections all the time.

I'm confused by the entire exercise and the source of humor I seem to be missing. Would love an explanation.

Jeff Redding

Confused: I'm guessing humour is a bit like sexual attraction. I get it, you don't like me. I'm OK with that. Really. Let's just part ways.


Jeff --

I say I don't get a joke. You hear that as me saying I don't like you. Not sure I understand how or why you make that leap, but it seems unnecessary and unfortunate to me. Maybe I like you just fine.

Why the oh-so-British extra "u" in humor, by the way?

Jeff Redding

Confused: Didn't even notice that U. Ah, must be the lurking effects of my time in Pakistan recently! Thanks for maybe liking me.


Sure. Maybe.

Jeff Redding

But what do you mean? Are you trying to be funny? I'm offended. Explain everything to me.


I understand every facet of the joke in its static intended perfection and do not believe in hermeneutical triangles. I therefore scrap my vote vote and my write-in vote and now nominate myself to be on the new $10 bill.

Double Confused

I agree with confused...what's the point of this? Where's Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martha Washington, Barbara Jordan, anyone of any substance?

Your list is full of are 2d rate players (except the unknown soldier, and that's probably a male because, as I understand, it's someone who died in combat and, since women have almost never been at combat in the United States, therefore almost for sure a male). I suppose that's the joke, Confused.

Benazir Bhutto is not from the United States, so she's a nonstarter; not to mention the fact that many Pakistanis consider her to be corrupt.

Whitney Houston is just a pop singer with a drug habit who destroyed her career and then o.d.ed.

Edward Snowden a convicted traitor who leaked classified information.

Bruce Jenner is trying to outdo the Kardashians for phoniness.

And Rachel Dolezal, a bizarre person who had her fifteen minutes of fame.

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