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July 01, 2015


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I believe that's the Paul Robeson House on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

Al Brophy

Owen, that is exactly right. As I understand it, he lived there for the last ten years of his life. He passed away in 1976.

One has to get up pretty early in the morning to top you, Owen. Nice work!


Although he was born in New Jersey, Robeson had deep family ties to Philadelphia. His mother was descended from the first mayor of Philadelphia. Cyrus Busthill, his Quaker great-great grandfather, ran a school associated with the Free African Society (FAS founder Richard Allen also started the African Methodist Episcopal Church that Mother Emmanuel AME in Charleston affiliated with.) Robeson’s grandfather, Charles Hicks Bustill, was active in the Underground Railroad, as was Robeson's great uncle Joseph, who spent time in Harrisburg as a teacher and member of the city's fugitive slave society that operated out of the Tanners Alley community that is now part of the Capital Complex.


You can also tell that it's the Paul Robeson house by the Paul Robeson sign out front in the picture...

Al Brophy

Maybe *you* can, DC. But my computer and/or eyesight aren't that good. Thanks for that information, cm.


I didn't mean to suggest that Robeson's family connections "gave it away" for me. If you know enough(like Prof. Kerr and DC) the brain will definitively fill in the blurred pixels of the computer. If not, you can also check the clues from the Septa bus route info against a list of PA historical markers.

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