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July 27, 2015


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"Depicting Atticus Finch as a complicated man who feared the civil rights movement and advocated segregation dramatically changes how we think about the character. That change seems awfully contemporary. Almost too prescient given this nation’s continuing struggle with social justice and racial equality."

Why would depicting someone as being frightened of the Civil Rights Movement be "awfully contemporary?" If someone recorded what a person the White Citizen's Council was saying about the Movement post Brown, would it be much different than what Atticus says in GSAW? What is prescient about this? Perhaps I am misunderstandings what you mean?

Gerald FitzGerald

Thoughtful and well written. I have no desire to read "Watchman." If it is, as the Lee machine indicates, a first draft, does it undermine the power of Harper Lee's talent? Should Tay Hohoff, her editor at Lippincott, earn as much credit as the author for the elemental re-crafting of Mockingbird which required years of work? Is the lack of Tay Hohoff fundamental to why Lee never wrote another novel? I think it possible that the Lee machine has harmed its author's reputation. Still, I bet they're making money.

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