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June 20, 2015


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Al Brophy

Congratulations, Michelle. Your work and writing always impress me.

Orin Kerr



Yes, it's true: all morality is an illusion, and ethical conduct a delusion of the unenlightened mind. Nice!

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

The op-ed is actually over 200 words shorter than the "abstract" of the original article referred to in op-ed

Michelle Meyer

Al and Orin, thanks. Very kind of you to say.

anon: Yes, it's true: I spent 7 years getting a PhD in ethics in order to write 800 words (and, as Enrique helpfully points out, 1,000 words and also 26,000 words) saying that all morality is an illusion, and ethical conduct a delusion of the unenlightened mind. Thank you for your typically nuanced, constructive comment based on a careful read.

Enrique: Yes, I plead guilty as charged to writing a very long SSRN abstract. Your disapproval is duly noted. Twice now, in fact. But I think it might be time to move on. (I do appreciate that you posted under your name, however.)


Wow. Looks like you are very pleased with praise (based on a "careful read" of your 26,000 words?), but a bit overly sensitive when it comes to anything even approaching something less than praise (even if the praise is perhaps also not "nuanced [and] constructive").

Or, perhaps, it is just the placement of your piece that was the subject of this praise. If so, then I would question whether attention, and clicks and recognition of any form is what really matters in this milieu.

As for posting anonymously, that is permitted here. You imply it is not your preference. Why? What "ethical" basis do you have to wish to know the id of commenters? Do you also demand signed evaluations when you teach? Is this an "ethical" stance, or just an emotional one?

On the "merits" you refer to outrage over the cited examples as a form of moral illusion. That is enough, really - your Ph.D. and seven years of schooling notwithstanding. Sorry to have disagreed in a snarky way, but really, it wasn't intended to be a "nuanced comment based on a careful read" of your op ed (which I will forego).

I'll refrain from commenting on your writing again. You can be satisfied with "nice" and "very impressive" and leave it at that, knowing that such nuanced comments based on careful reading will always always yield nothing but accolades.

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