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May 05, 2015


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Sometimes you have to wonder, should someone who gambled so heavily on attending an unaccredited law school be able to pass the character and fitness portion of the bar? What does it say about someone's character when they're so willing to take a huge, potentially life-destroying, risk regarding their own life? Are these the type of people we want advising clients?

I truly hope Indiana Tech Law never gets accreditation, but the backbone devoid ABA will eventually grant it; we all know it's inevitable.


If they'll accredited LMU (and they did), they'll accredit anything.

terry malloy

the ABA would accredit a ham sandwich. They would put it on the accreditation committee if it was a ham and cheese sandwich. What does that say about this hot mess in Indiana.

The Most Interesting Breh in the World

did someone say "hot ham and cheese sandwich?"

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