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May 31, 2015


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Whether or not these three are convicted, I do think that Manhattan DA is justified in prosecuting them. I strongly disagree with the prosecution of Zachary Warren. Warren started work at Dewey immediately after receiving his BA from Stanford (in International Relations, no accounting courses). He had applied for a job as a paralegal, they gave him a job in "Client Relations," which apparently included collecting bills. After a year, he was promoted to Client Relations Manager (although it is not if he managed anyone on a regular basis). In the middle of 2009, he left Dewey to attend law school. It is clear that he did not even participate in the worst of the abuses at Dewey. At all time when he did work there, it is clear that he was supervised by people with accounting training. There is no evidence that he was a "lone wolf" implementing a plan without the support of his superiors. Much of what the prosecution claims he participated in -- crediting cash received to disbursements billed before crediting to fees received -- seems normal to me (albeit I don't claim to be an expert in law firm accounting.

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