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May 22, 2015


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Matthew Bruckner

Derek, such a degree already exists:

Steven Freedman

@ Deborah

Through 3+3 programs like the one we offer here at KU, many law schools already offer a similar opportunity for law students. Our expectation is that 3+3 will be an increasingly popular path for students seeking a legal education.

Personally (and not speaking on behalf of anyone here at KU), I'd prefer if the ABA lowered the number of required credits to 72-75 allowing law schools to fit JDs into a two year schedule. That would directly address the cost and time issues that seem to be discouraging so many folks from pursuing a JD.


Steven, would it really address the cost issue, though? At this point tuition has been driven up so high so quickly that even 2 years would still leave a lot of students with enormous debt. Plus I suspect a lot of schools would either pump up tuition more, or slash their admissions standards even more to pull in more tuition revenue to offset the loss of an entire class. Both would push people (rightfully, I think) into avoiding law school.

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