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March 24, 2015


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This exchange is an utter embarrassment.


In response to the comment above, why can't we have it both ways -- having professors who are exceptional researchers but also are invested in law students and appreciate and know what it means to actually be a lawyer.

Former Editor


It is completely possible to have it both ways. And, maybe hiring preferences are even starting to move in that direction. Based on Lawsky's thread over at Prawfs there are at least a decent number (7) of folks ten years or so out of law school that got hired this year. Of course, there still seem to have been a number of K-Prof hires too, so who can tell?


more non-denial denials....


Former Editor, you're being too optimistic. Professors make the hiring decisions (not students), so they will keep hiring people that have the same profile and preferences as their own.

Former Editor

Anon, perhaps. Some of the hires certainly do seem to bear out your view, but others don't seem to. I think a number of professors realize that if their schools are actually going to move toward a more experiential and "practice ready" model in more than the very short term then they need to diversify their faculty profiles in terms of years of practice experience. I could be wrong, of course, and we will know more come the fall when more comprehensive data can be compiled.

By the by, I think that going forward we can all assume that anyone posting here is aware that students don't make faculty hiring decisions.


Yes, it my be possible to have both but it will take some time for that. There is very slow turnover of law school professors.


"I think a number of professors realize that if their schools are actually going to move toward a more experiential and "practice ready" model" - more fantasy from critics. This is too expensive and not really feasible given gap between academia and real world.


You know what else is expensive? Law school! At current prices, the so-called gap between academia and the real world you mention shouldn't exist. Things need to change.


It will be a gradual process but the law school of the future will blend theory with practice.

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