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January 30, 2015


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For anyone without access to Hein, etc., video of the symposium is available on YouTube. Both David Garrow and Mary Ziegler speak to problems with prevailing ideas about backlash in session 1, and that thread has run through Garrow's writing since the 90s.

‪W&L Law Roe at 40 Symposium - Session 1‬:


Apologies. Articles are also available through Scholarly Commons.

James Fox

Thanks, cm, for catching the Scholarly Commons link and also the youtube videos of the conference. Thanks also for noting David Garrow's work. He has been a consistent (and consistently good) critic of the backlash thesis. And his work from the 1990s, including the book Liberty and Sexuality, are essential pieces in the line of scholarship I highlighted in my posts.

James Fox

David Garrow has the following comment (he asked me to post it due to computer issues): I'd just like to say that I think it's crucial for anyone who writes about Griswold to know PPLC's history stretching back to the 1920s, and how deeply dedicated multiple generations of upper-class CT women were to providing contraceptive access for poor, working class, & immigrant community women, many of whom attended churches that fiercely fought against reproductive freedom. That CT political history is essential to understanding why Barnum's 19th century criminalization of contraceptive use was in the end overturned only thanks to a federal constitutional holding by SCOTUS.

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