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January 21, 2015


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Caprice Roberts

Caprice Roberts, @capricelroberts, Savannah Law School

Fenner Stewart

Fenner Stewart, @fennerstewart, University of Calgary

Pasquale Research

From Frank: I am now at University of Maryland. I have two accounts: @FrankPasquale and @HealthPI. The latter focuses on the law of health information. Thank you for holding this census!

Manoj Mate

Manoj Mate, @manojmate, Whittier Law School

Jennifer M. Cooper

Jennifer M. Cooper, @jennifercooper, Seattle University School of Law

Stephen Bogle

Stephen Bogle, @stephen_bogle, School of Law, University of Glasgow

Haskell Murray

Thanks for this list. My Twitter handle is still the same, but my school needs to be updated from Regent to Belmont.

Haskell Murray

I now see that you are not including business school professors, so please just delete me from the list, as my appointment is in a business school (though I teach from time to time in Belmont's law school as well).

Juliet Moringiello

Two at Widener-Harrisburg:

Tonya Evans: @IPProfEvans
Juliet Moringiello: @profjuliet

Matt Bodie

A few SLU folks (and there may be more):

Anders Walker, @AndersWalker
Justin Hansford, @Blackstarjus
Chad Flanders, @cwflander
Brendan Roediger, @RoedigerBrendan
Mike Wolff, @MikeWolffSLU
Lisa Taylor, @elleteetee
William Johnson, @mennosimons
Patricia Lee, @SLULegalLee
Aaron Taylor, @TheEdLawProf
Marcia McCormick, @marciamccormick

Ronald Wright

Ron Wright, @wrightrf, Wake Forest

Annemarie Bridy

Annemarie Bridy, @AnnemarieBridy, U of Idaho

Joel Reidenberg

Joel Reidenberg (Fordham): jreidenberg

Michael Yelnosky

Michael Yelnosky, @MichaelYelnosky, RWU Law

Judd Sneirson

Judd Sneirson, @juddsneirson, Savannah

Matthew Bruckner

Matthew Bruckner @Prof_Bruckner --Howard Law

Lance Gable

Lance Gable @ProfessorLGable, Wayne Law

ML Lalonde

Houman Shadab, @HoumanShadab, NYLS
Ari Ezra Waldman, @AriEzraWaldman, NYLS
Jacob S. Sherkow, @jsherkow, NYLS
Robert Blecker, @RobertBlecker, NYLS
Deborah N. Archer, @DeborahNArcher, NYLS
Richard K. Sherwin, @RKSherwin, NYLS


Michael Plaxton, @MichaelPlaxton, U of Saskatchewan

Kylie Burns

Kylie Burns, @snailsinbottles, Griffith Law School, Griffith University, Australia

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