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January 21, 2015


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alex roberts

hi bridget, thanks for including me. there's a typo in my handle: it's @lexlanham with two L's (as in the lanham act).

alex roberts

& mike mccann (@mccannsportslaw) teaches at new hampshire these days as well, not vermont as listed!


A couple of additions from the University of Toledo College of Law (Toledo):

Agnieszka McPeak @socialmediaJD
Ben Davis @Bengriffdavis
Kara Bruce @ProfessorKBruce
Nicole Porter @nicolebporter

Josh Douglas

Josh Douglas (Kentucky): @joshuaadouglas

Haskell Murray

My comments must have been caught in the filter because of the links to the Business Law Professors on Twitter list.

Those who are interested can Google it. That list is on the Business Law Prof. Blog, was inspired by this list, and uses a broad definition of "business law." It also includes professors teaching law at business schools (in addition to those teaching at law schools). If you are interested in being included on that list as well, please email me.

Also, my information on this list is out of date. I am now at Belmont. While I occasionally teach in the law school, my primary appointment is in the business school, so you can decide whether I should be included on this list at all.


Eugene Mazo

Eugene Mazo (Wake Forest), @eugenemazo

Mike Rich

Michael Rich (Elon), @mikerichlaw

Richard Albert

Richard Albert
Boston College Law School

Rebecca Morgan

Rebecca Morgan (Stetson Law)@elderlawrocks

Kit Johnson

Kit Johnson (Oklahoma) @kit_johnson

Richard Collins

Richard Collins @DrRichCollins, University College Dublin (law)

Carole McCartney

Carole McCartney @ctmccartney Northumbria University

Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts, @ProfARoberts, Seattle U - thanks!

Diana Winters

Diana Winters (I.U. McKinney), @diana3000

Melynda Price

Melynda Price @melyndaprice, University of Kentucky


Richard Dooling @RichardDooling Nebraska

Ian Holloway

Ian Holloway, @LawDeanHolloway, Calgary

L Inniss

Lolita Buckner Inniss, @AuntieFeminist, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Jeff Pojanowski

Jeff Pojanowski, @pojanowski, Notre Dame

Anna Laakmann

Anna Laakmann, @annalaakmann, Lewis & Clark

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