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January 23, 2015


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Martha Jones

I'm very sorry to hear this. He was a warm, spirited, and deeply thoughtful colleague.

Siobhan Barco

I'm really sorry to hear about Professor Ocko's passing. It was always a pleasure talking with him and learning from him.

Sarah Ludington

Jonathan was a colleague and my husband's boss. His life was a testament to how much good one person can do with a strong mind, a kind heart, and a deep sense of loyalty and fairness. It is difficult to express how much we will miss him.

Kathy Phillipps Fulton

I knew Jon personally, not professionally, though I followed his career with delight. I met him while he was at Trinity and introduced him to my dear friend Aggie. They fell in love at once and theirs was a marriage of lasting happiness. We stayed close over the years despite separations of distance and time. Jon will be deeply missed.

John M. True

I am among the many who are greatly saddened by Jon's death. He was a classmate and a close friend at Trinity way back in the day, and I treasured his wit, intelligence and cheerfulness. We lost track of each other as our paths diverged, but I miss him nonetheless.

Tom Birkland

Thanks for posting this note. I am an associate dean at NCSU's College of Humanities and Social Science, and Jonathan was a department head and active scholar well before I joined the faculty here. He was always brimming with ideas and passion for his work and his department. The department's office is just down the hall from mine here at NC State, and it just feels like something is really missing without him there. I will miss him very, very much.

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