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January 05, 2015


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Michael Risch

Other considerations: faculty size (probably larger at the top schools), budgets for travel (shrinking many places, making AALS a luxury regardless of "culture").

Jim Greif

Thanks for your post. Quite an interesting use of the data provided by the AALS Annual Meeting app!

Just wanted to clarify or elaborate on a couple items.

Most programs at the Annual Meeting are planned by sections—and the faculty in those sections select most of the speakers, as opposed to AALS as an organization.

Also, as you suggest at the end of the post, there is an AALS rule that generally there should not be more than one speaker from a school on a panel.

As the sections plan their programming, AALS encourages sections to pick at least some speakers through a call for papers process and conduct a "blind review" so speakers can be selected on their merits rather than by the ranking of their school.

Thanks for attending the meeting and we're already looking forward to New York in 2016.

Thank you for your feedback on the meeting and mobile app as well.

Take care,

James Greif | Director of Communications
Association of American Law Schools

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