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December 31, 2014


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I love many of Ginsburg's opinions. She remains lucid and deeply engaged.

But I hope someone who goes to this session will have the fortitude to suggest that she retire. It's time, before the next election, while there's still time to get a person with moderate ideology to take her spot on the bench. If she remains adamant in thinking that she's too important to retire, we the American people might get another Alito or Roberts after the next presidential election.


Eh, Congress won't confirm anyone moderate, because Obama.


I totally agree that she should have retired several years ago, and really hate all the tour she has been on the last couple of years where she invariably explains why she is so much better than anyone who would replace her. It is probably too late now but I agree that someone should confront her directly on this.

Anon prof

No one will confront her. This probably isn't the place for it. It's too late now anyway.

Al Brophy

That was a terrific panel.

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