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December 30, 2014


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Steven Freedman

Total guess - Boise?


The footer on the pic identifies the town and the school, I think.

jacqui lipton

Darnit. I goofed again!

Steven Freedman

I can't find the footer, what's the answer?

Dave Garrow

Explore Asheville! I truly thought that was it even before I checked the footer!



Sure, sure.


Brian Clarke

Asheville, NC and I did not cheat. The architecture of the red-tiled church roof on the left is pretty unique.

Jacqueline Lipton

Thank you for playing *honestly* despite my lack of technical expertise.
Yes, it's Asheville.



Actually, nothing *dishonest* about clicking on the picture to see it better, and then seeing the answer right on the picture, or, simply hovering over it with the cursor, and seeing the answer magically appear. One hopes you don't accuse students of *dishonesty* when you have provided the answer to a question on one of your exams!

This game is more fun now because it involves figuring out not where the "college town" is located but rather how you have inadvertently revealed the answer to your question in the question itself!

Let's not turn to claims of "dishonesty" by others to spoil this fun!

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