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December 03, 2014


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Former Editor

Putting aside the whole "will an online MBA from an unheard of school actually help anyone" question, I wonder this: if an online MBA program can squeeze webinars and assignments aimed at successfully managing the business side of a law practice into its curriculum, why can't law schools manage to do the same thing as part of their 3 year JD program? I know of some schools that offer the occasional seminar in "law practice management" but the classes (usually at 2 credits) can't be all that comprehensive.


This is a sad, but foreseeable consequence of federal lending policy. It's like educational methadone, just like law school. Here's the calculus . . .

Tout 1: Attention middle class 17 year old. Have you considered college? The adults in your life are convinced that a university degree -- in something -- is the key to success in life. Follow your passion, and go to college. Get a degree (any degree will do, follow your dreams!). Look at the 4 successful art history majors, that could be you! Enroll today.

Tout 2: Art History/PoliSci/History/Philosophy? What will you do with that? Lawyers are glamorous public servants who all do interesting work all day and think about the most important problems of our society. Indeed, they SOLVE the most important problems of society. You remember Atticus Finch? Well, come to law school where people who have EXACTLY 1 to 3 years' more education than you do will utilize the rhetoric of Socrates to make you feel stupid and to play hide the ball. Because they ostensibly have more authority than you do, are older than you, have the credibility of an institution behind them, and again have 1 to 3 years more formal education than you do and MAY have passed the bar exam, they will reveal their brilliance upon the class and then retreat to spend 10 hours a week writing articles on whatever they want and that no one will read and that will be screened and edited by your classmates. What fun! Atticus Finch! Justice! Brown v. Board of Education! America!

Tout 3: Law school? You really think that those naval gazers know how to practice law or care if you pass the bar exam or could pass the bar exam? I have a book that will teach you all that you need to know to pass the bar. For the low sum of multiple thousands of dollars, BARREVIEW PREP will sell you the keys to pass the bar exam. Then your employment situation will look up, sport. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you've already paid. Don't be a fool, son.

Tout 4: All that education and no gainful employment? What will you do? How are you going to pay rent? Consider online MBA. We will teach you practical things that law school did not. We'll also keep the collection man at bay for 2 years, and take advantage of ill-considered federal educational policy to funnel you living expenses for those two years. Win/win and with other people's money! What? Repayment? Haven't you heard of PAYE? Whether you have $100,000 in debt or $100,000,000 in debt, you'll effectively pay the same amount. I'm your safety line, kid.

That, my friends, is only mild hyperbole of the current status quo.

No, breh.

I'm not even being mean here, but, seriously, this is a joke right? Like the onion made this up as some sort of social commentary? Because this can't actually be real. Right guys? Guys?

terry malloy

Academia: monetizing student access to federal loan programs.

An honorable profession compared to . . . say. . . horse thievery.


"An honorable profession compared to . . . say. . . horse thievery."

Horse thieves doesn't have access to Federally guaranteed loans.



That's the distinction which in the minds of legal academicians makes their actions (grossly inflating tuition, using students as conduits to fleece the feds and leaving the pawns used as fodder rotting in the field) "honorable."

Municipal D1

What is it with you guys (law profs)? Are you objecting to the business practices of your educational brethren? Finally? It would be nice, you know.


Jojo: "Get a degree (any degree will do, follow your dreams!). Look at the 4 successful art history majors, that could be you! Enroll today."

The majority of students are pursuing degrees in engineering, teaching, nursing, business and economics.

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