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November 25, 2014


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Tennessee hired a new dean as well.

But Indiana Tech hiring a dean from Cooley will probably provoke more comments.

No, breh.

Yeah this dude coming from Cooley is pretty funny.


What I find kind of fascinating is how all these dean announcements list the school where the dean got their JD but no other biographical information. I think not just goes to show how pedigree obsession has just become so internalized that this is considered important. The interesting thing is the extreme standardization of legal education makes the actual school they graduated from less important than in less pedigree conscious disciplines.

terry malloy

"I'm honored to be chosen as dean of Indiana Tech Law School," Cercone said. "The faculty and staff are an outstanding team who in a short time have established the law school as a place for top-quality, practice-based education for students. I look forward being a part of such a promising, progressive new school."

I picture him delivering this sound bite in clown make-up an following it with a "honk-honk" then sauntering off atop clown shoes.

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