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November 11, 2014


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Do you have a cite for 90% of H-1Bs holders are from STEM fields. Because I know plenty of accountants, general business majors and lawyers with H-1Bs. Before any immigration reform is passed, the US government should first provide a data base that shows the college attended, degree and employer of each current H-1B Holder. The largest employers of H-1Bs are NOT Apple, Microsoft or Goggle, but rather the Indian outsourcing companies of Infosys, Wipro and Satyam, who use their pedestrian people to work with American companies to outsource more data processing to India. Many are not the highly qualified people many of us have been lead to believe. The government might be able to re-order who gets H-1Bs, rather than allowing more.


Thank you for the link. I notice that the most frequent occupation listed is "computer occupation." That covers a wide range of people and does not necessarily require a STEM degree. People could claim that occupation with a general business degree. Again, I would like to know the degree and college of these people. I do note that engineers are listed separately. Even Bernie Saunders is against this provision. It would behoove the Democrats to listen to their core constituency, which has seen wages decline. For the truly unique people, the MIT grad for example, of course we should find a spot. I do not think the H-1B program is doing that, but at a minimum would like more proof than the statement that most of them are in "computer operations."


Calvin: "If professions of willingness to reach bipartisan agreement have any integrity,..."

That made me laugh, which is worth something on a grey, rainy day.

BTW, how about we start with hiring H1-B's as law professors? The first reform passed would be to allow law schools to outsource law professor jobs - hire an H1-B person, fire one tenured person.


I am having trouble posting links, but you might want to read "The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage" by Teitelbaum in the March 2014 Atlantic.

Its only natural for employers to want to pay less but that does not mean there is a shortage of qualified employees. The qualification for an H-1B is generally a Bachelors in a field "related" to the job. I can only guess how many degrees are related to "computer occupation." By the way, the Times Square Bomber received an H-1B visa for a Bachelors from the University of Bridgeport (a 4th tier school) in computer applications and information systems. This is NOT a computer science or computer engineering major. I am not criticizing ICE for giving him the visa, just making the point that the standards are low. We only know about his degree as he made the news. I find it difficult to believe that there were not many citizens or permanent residents who would be available for his job. Heck, it might have even been a JD advantaged job.

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