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October 10, 2014


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The capacity for projection of the law academy is astounding!

You use the word "prissy" and accuse others of it. You bloviate on subjects that have nothing to do with the VAP Trap, the subject of this thread, and then complain about irrelevancy of the comments. You say you don't want to "rile" Barry, which is intended, obviously, to rile Barry.

What a piece of work! And, honestly Jeff, do you really think that anyone, and I mean ANYONE cares whether you are "inclined" to read this thread? Can you possible sound more condescending? Is that the tone you adopt with students?

If so, I pity them.

Jeffrey Harrison

Anon, given some past events, the level of your anger and that of others worries me. I'd like to convince you that nothing anyone writes on a blog, and especially me, should be taken that seriously. Why don't you email or call and let's chat.

Ray Campbell

I think we've pretty much played this one out. Besides which, I think I found the button that closes comments. I'm going to go ahead and close comments for this thread.

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