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October 07, 2014


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I would strongly encourage that you use You can create easy and quick twitter-like chatrooms, even if students don't use twitter. I project this on the board, so everyone can see it.

Here is a recent chat:

Derek Black

I have been using It is a nice middle ground between clickers and texting. It works much like clickers, except students can simply text responses or send them through their laptops. You can build predeveloped multiple choice/true-false questions or just open ended questions. Their responses to open ended questions will stream onto your webpage (and overhead projector if you want). It also has a plugin that allows you to run all of this through powerpoint so that you don't have to move back and forth from their webpage in the middle of class. I would note, however, a few bugs in their new update, but they are pretty good about responded quickly to user complaints and suggestions. I expect the fixes to come in short order.

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