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August 29, 2014


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I think you have forgotten Campbell Law - in Raleigh. I am sure your co-blogger Timothy Zinnecker will forgive you.

Jason Yackee

Is it usual in UNC's practice to have a dean search committee that includes only a minority of law faculty members (four by my count, and not in the chair position)? That seems surprising to me, but I've only lived through one dean search in my career.

Alfred L. Brophy

Jason, apparently the answer is yes. I hadn't realized this was common practice (unsurprisingly I haven't followed the dean searches in other units on campus since I arrived here in 2008). However, I am informed by locals with more experience than me that dean searches here at UNC are always chaired by deans (or department heads) outside of the unit searching and that faculty from the unit are a distinct minority on those search committees. UNC's practice is different from what I'm used to seeing (and living through) at other schools.

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