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August 18, 2014


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John Kunich

Please allow me to clarify and supplement my previous posting. It is crucial to keep every piece of information in context. It's fair, equitable, and intelligent to look at the big picture, and not just isolated claims, for which there are always other versions. My personal experience as one of the first professors at Charlotte School of Law convinced me that I was part of a premium-quality team of consummate professionals, totally dedicated to providing the very best legal education for a highly diverse student body.

We worked long and hard, together, to achieve more than our critics ever dreamed possible. Commitment to excellence, and unwavering belief in the vast potential of every human being, will beat hard, cold test scores and lifeless statistics every time. I am very proud of what we achieved there, in graduation rates, bar passage results, and post-graduation employment! Our alums give me more reasons every day to be grateful I had the honor to be one of their professors at the newest member of the InfiLaw family.

Secretion Diaz

Barry probably keeps his bio on their website since he's the only Harvard grad they were lucky enough, and stupid enough, to lose. Barely Law School...

John Kunich

Everyone needs to remember that no one has ever legitimately criticized the quality of the education provided to the students at all of the InfiLaw schools. I personally served as a senior tenured professor for years at Charlotte School of Law, and I KNOW that we uniformly taught, and mentored, our students at the highest level of pedagogical rigor and academic excellence.

Our faculty's splendid work was ably supplemented by the most robust and effective Academic Success staff I have ever seen. Our fine bar-passage results are testament to the efficacy and dedication of our teaching and training at all levels. Our students consistently out-performed expectations and predictions, thanks to plenty of good old-fashioned hard work and persistence by everyone involved, at all levels.


Florida Coastal School of Law has one of the most diverse student bodies of any law school in the country. Our moot court team secured the number one seed in the Blakely Advocacy Institute’s prestigious Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship. Florida Coastal recently made the National Jurist honor roll of law schools that deliver practical training. Also, the American Bar Association named us one of the top ten law schools in the country teaching the technology of legal practice.

Florida Coastal may admit students who have lower LSAT scores, but we have consistently been able to prove that those same students are capable of passing the bar and becoming practicing lawyers. We have an innovative program and a talented group of dedicated professors; and we consistently provide more value to our students than many other law schools.

I am surprised to see the extent of “for profit” bashing at this law faculty website. As professors most of us work for law schools that charge a lot for tuition and make big profits from the money our students borrow. I wish law school were free to everyone, but it isn’t anywhere, including where you teach. So stop picking on my school and my students. We are good people and have as much to contribute as anyone else.

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