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June 27, 2014


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Charles Paul Hoffman

I believe it's the University of Pittsburgh, but not sure on the building's specific name.


The Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. It's a really cool place to learn.


Is in Moscow, capital of Russia?

Steve Garland

That was fun. The name is wonderful (assuming it's the University of Pittsburgh building): The Cathedral of Learning. Every campus should have one.


Also worth noting about the Cathedral of Learning is that is contains numerous "nationality rooms," usually, I think, reflecting groups that make up Western PA's population.

Dave Garrow

That's a far nicer, more photogenic image than what I see at fairly close range from my 5th floor office window! Kudos to Al's photographic skills!

Mike Madison

The nationality rooms at the Cathedral, most of which are still used as classrooms, originally reflected the region's immigrant communities. Rooms added since the building's construction reflect broader stories of immigration to the United States. The history of the rooms (and their naming) is almost as interesting as the history of immigration itself.

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