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June 11, 2014


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It's an old time punch clock. Not sure where, though.

Bill Turnier

I am old enough to have punched these things at a few jobs as I worked my way through college. That was so long ago that a summer job (with two weeks off for vacation) would pay at least half the tuition for a year at a good college. I have no idea where it is located, certainly not in the Nabisco plant in Fairlawn, NJ or the Wella plant in Engkewood, two places where I punched in and out. A foreman would always stand by making sure no one punched in for a buddy who was late. That and the rack with all the cards is missing from the picture.

Brian Clarke

Indeed, it is an old time clock -- perhaps the most over engineered time clock design imaginable. I am not entirely sure how it worked (Bill?), from the pictures that accompanied it there was a whole bank of these with, I am guessing, each employee assigned a number on one of the white buttons around the ring . . . the employee would line the arm up with the number and push the arm in to do the punching? Way over engineered, but beautiful craftsmanship.

This one is from the Anheuser Busch "Bevo" plant in St. Louis and is on display in the Knight Center at Washington University (next door to the Wash U law school).

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