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June 19, 2014


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Brad Smith

Hey Al,

I agree with you that renaming is a complicated issue and as a general rule it's best to let things be (with some room for exceptions). I lack the knowledge to voice an opinion in most specific cases, including this one.

I've wondered, though, why some mischievous Republican Senator doesn't propose to rename the Russell Senate Office Building, named for the (in most ways extremely admirable but) ardently segregationist Georgia Democratic Senator Richard Russell. They could propose to rename it for Hiram Revels, the first African American Senator and a reconstruction Republican from Mississippi. You would think some Republican would decide that would be a clever ploy - maybe if they retake the Senate this year so they can force Democrats to actually vote on it. A divisive stunt? Sure. But not above where we are politically in 2014. Always enjoy your posts.

Alfred L. Brophy

Thanks for the kind words, Brad -- won't surprise me *in the least* if what you're suggesting comes to pass.

Bill Turnier

It is just as likely that the Tea Party contingent in Congress will want to rename the Hart Office Building because of his strong advocacy of gun control and his equally strong support of labor unions.

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