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May 01, 2014


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"NB: Anonymous comments are welcome. However, comments that respond to the substance of this particular post, as well as comments that demonstrate the ability to put spaces between paragraphs, will receive priority posting-wise. Others will probably be deleted."

Jeff - on the above, given the time lapse, it seems similar to the "what if you throw a party and no one shows up" type of admonition.

Delete and/or fail to pass through at your option! Meanwhile, I'm catching up on your thoughts as expressed in "Dignity, Legal Pluralism, and Same-Sex Marriage" and may (hopefully!) actually have something substantive to say once I've gotten more background.

Jeff Redding

CC: I think we have very different notions of what makes for a good party!!! But let's just leave it at that. :-) Happy reading!


If you are interested in fairness, you have to consider killing off all the preferences given to married folks, whether gay or straight. As it is now, married gays will be feeding at the gummint marriage trough to the increased detriment of singes.

Douglas Levene

Jimbino - Marriage receives all kinds of social benefits because it is primarily a social institution intended to create stable environments for the rearing of the next generation. Of course, if you think of marriage as primarily intended to secure the happiness of the individuals involved, then, yes, it is quite difficult to justify those benefits.

Eli Rabett

Gays have children, either natural or adopted, and that the same rules should apply to married couples, gay or not gay is a no brainer. Whether divorce should be more difficult for such couples is a whole other ball of spousal abuse

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