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May 15, 2014


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Eric Muller

Let's give the name "Bridget Hall" to Ruffin, in honor of the slave (not his own) whom he beat with his cane for looking at him the wrong way about a year after deciding State v. Mann.

Alfred L. Brophy

IF we're going to rename Ruffin -- which I start out being opposed to, but I could perhaps be convinced -- then Bridget is a very good alternative. I'd also suggest we think about Lydia, who's the woman whose assault led to the State v. Mann opinion. I think there are few judicial opinions as important to understanding slavery (and rather oddly to its termination) as Mann.



Did the letter from Thomas Ruffin to Archibald Murphey, dated, October 29, 1831, relate to the incident involving Bridget referred to above?

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