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May 12, 2014


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President George W. Bush
Goree Island, Senegal
July 8, 2003

The whole speech is interesting reading.



These ideas hardly "belong" to any individual. The expression by one person of these notions of justice is not reminiscent of "his" ideas (presumably, you didn't capitalize the "h") any more than these expressions are anyone else's ideas, IMHO.

Alfred L. Brophy

Yes, anon is exactly right. This is President Bush -- sounding remarkably like President Obama. In fact, in some ways more like what I'd expect Obama to sound like than Obama himself on issues of history and progress. As amon says, the entire speech is most interesting. It's available here:

That page also has a link to both a podcast (is that what it was called back in 2003?) and a video, but at least on my computer it takes a while for them to come up. Well worth a listen; the whole speech is only about 15 minutes long.

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