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May 20, 2014


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Orin Kerr

"Since Boger became dean, the law school's full-time faculty has grown by almost 50% - from 43 to 63."

Association in 2007: Profits are up almost 50%!
Association in 2014: My weight is up almost 50%!


Did enrollment increase during his tenure, or was the purpose of increasing the faculty to increase the faculty/student ratio? What was tuition when he started and what is it now? What is the current outcome for UNC grads in the job market?

Aren't these the questions that need to be addressed in order for those of us not familiar with this law school to assess Dean Boger's tenure?


PaulB -- Why do people not familiar with this law school have a need to assess Dean Boger's tenure?



Dan Filler has stated that he was an excellent dean because he increased faculty size by 50%. In the private sector, we measure success by output, not increased inputs.


PaulB -- You might want to read Dan's email more closely. He said excellent dean because of two particular hires. He mentioned the increase faculty size, but did not tie that to "excellent dean."

And if you were measuring success in the private sector, you would be measuring success by profits - i.e., charging more for your product to more customers is the main way to achieve it. I do not think you want to use that measure here either.

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