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May 23, 2014


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Steve Garland

Is it the Old New Castle Courthouse in New Castle Delaware? I think the colonial seat of the colony of Delaware. Now a museum. If so, I recollect New Castle to also be home to the venerable Oak Knoll Books. If not, good to give Bob Fleck's shop a shout out anyway.

Alfred L. Brophy

Yes, Steve -- you got it exactly. Nicely done. Mighty impressive building for the 1730s, isn't it. I guess that's about the same time that Pennsylvania built its statehouse, which became Independence Hall.

Some years back I actually used Oak Knoll Books' building as a trivia question:

Beau Baez

The British flag flying in front of this building is not historical to the 1730's. They are flying the 1801 flag.


They fly the flags of the countries that have ruled New Castle: Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. New Castle is a really interesting town to visit and has a lot of colonial legal history.

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