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May 06, 2014


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Former Editor

@ Anon

You are referring to the two American Bar Foundation / NALP studies whose most recently reflected data is from 2006? Is there an update I missed?


Anon | May 07, 2014 at 11:47 AM

No, the reason people keep bringing up Simkovic & McIntyre is because it is one of the few "studies" that supposedly supports the notion that, when it comes to a legal education, tuition, job prospects and other relevant factors are basically irrelevant.

It is those who cite S&M incessantly who refuse to engage on the facts, not the other way around, and even a cursory skim of the comments above reveals this.

Again, the first heading of the S&M paper was "Law Degree Holders Earn Significantly More than Similar Workers Whose Highest Degree is Bachelor’s."

This observation was sort of risible (given long-standing common knowledge that investment of time and money in higher education has historically been associated with greater earnings). What your crude clinging to this conclusion demonstrates, however, is just the sort of stubborn and ignorant nature that you accuse others of possessing.

Those who cling to this incredibly narrow and banal conclusion to dismiss all of the evidence that other factors are in play (i.e., declining admission standards, unconscionable tuition increases, dismal prospects for employment, etc.) "keep making claims that are contrary to the facts."

When one employs the same narrow, banal proposition, over and over, ignoring all contrary evidence and deploring others who don't (again, read the comments instead of simply insulting all who engage) a sort of identifiable pattern emerges.

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