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May 14, 2014


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My impression is that these faculty members believe that the acquisition, per se, would afflict some sort of punishment.

One wonders how many of the anonymous objectors have gone on the FL and other sites to berate anonymous commenting. Good bet at least one.

And, one wonders to what these anonymous objectors truly object.

Low admission standards? Not likely. Take a look at the pitiful admission standards at unranked law schools, across the country. Faculty outcry there? Hardly.

Attrition and transfer rates? Same. Several law schools come to mind here. Silence from the faculty. Worse. Reflexive defense of the status quo, no matter WHAT the objection to it.

"Educational programs"? Oh, this one is rich. Really rich. One would love to see the specifics on this objection from these anonymous faculty members. Fun!!!

One suspects the true source of these objections lies elsewhere. Speaking of "lies," (sorry, couldn't resist) c'mon folks. Just once. No spin. Tell it like it is.

Do the stated grounds ring true as to the true and predominant reasons for faculty objections here?

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