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May 08, 2014


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Alberto Bernabe

I read somewhere else that Aspen just modified the policy. Students who want to keep the book won't get the digital materials. If they want the digital materials, they have to return the book. Either way, count me among those who will not use Aspen books while this abusive policy is in place. Aspen wants to sell their overpriced books and then eliminate student access to less expensive used books. At a time when so many are complaining about the high cost of legal education, professors should oppose this policy. Our students should have the right to own, sell or buy used, less expensive, books.

Jeff Harrison

This whole thing seems like much ado but perhaps a bit hypocritical. I have heard the phrase "the are killing first sale." You cannot kill first sale but you can contract around it. When that happens the price of the book is higher. Instead of a net cost of say 150- 50 for resale or 100, the book is 150. So, all of this would be more convincing if those in an uproar have a history of price sensitivity when it comes to books. For example, it is easy to adopt the most recent old edition of may books.


I know professors who regularly adopt the most recent old editions for reasons of student affordability. However, that ability would have gone away for these books, if Aspen had gone to a model that eliminated resale. While it may not be as widespread as it should be, there are professors who take price sensitivity into account.

Additionally, no one (of those that spoke out against the initial policy) believed that there was going to be any cost savings in the long run. In other words, no one believed that Aspen was going to end up charging less for the licensed/leased books, if that was the only option students had.

Now, with Aspen offering both options, we may actually see some price difference/benefit.

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