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April 04, 2014


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Wow. I like to think I follow that sort of thing, but I've got no idea on this one. I've heard of a few schools that were in development that had those plans put on hold or scrapped.

The last law school I remember closing was American Justice Law Center in Kentucky, but that was well more than two years ago.

Derek Muller

Wikipedia notes that five California (read: non-ABA) schools have closed since 2012: American (Anaheim), Inland Valley, MD Kirk, California Midland, and Lorenzo Patio. But I assume that would not ordinarily pass the NYT fact-checkers as a viable claim.

Joan Howarth

Assuming NYT fact-checking not in evidence. Sad.

Paul Horwitz

Except presumably for the Magazine, the NYT and most daily papers don't have fact-checkers, although these kinds of things tend to be very much a part of the back-and-forth process between the reporters and the editors; well do I remember being sent back out to answer a dozen more questions or call the source back a half-dozen times. Like the other readers of this post I am surprised by the claim and curious about it.

Bill Reynolds

All serious media outlets have persons (usually lawyers-young) who read through "iffy" stuff and demand, where necessary, back-up--a kind of fact-checking


Yale law school closed quite long ago. But Yale ahs a pretty good policy school !

Jim Foster

Unfortunately the Grey Lady lost it a long time ago.


"Yale law school closed quite long ago. But Yale ahs a pretty good policy school !"

Well played, Jim. Well played.

It is of interest to me to note that despite this Yale has the highest rate of matriculations off their acceptances, more than an 80% conversion rate.

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