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April 07, 2014


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Brian Clarke

Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama. ["Wilcox County Public Library" is just visible on the sign on the balcony].

A beautiful building -- glad they found a way to reuse it instead of demolishing it.

Alfred L. Brophy

Very nicely done, Brian. (You have a better computer monitor than me -- or better eyesight or something. I can't see the Wilcox County Public Library sign.) It is a really beautiful building -- and like you I'm delighted it's still there, obviously. The two wings added sometime relatively recently (I think in the 1940s) were done well, so they don't detract from the courthouse. I hope to visit there sometime when the building is open. It's well worth the trip -- though I must confess that's a far piece from an airport.

Bill Turnier

Good for you, Brian. I got stuck on Googling the campaign signs at the curb and struck out.

Alfred L. Brophy

I thought the campaign signs were going to be helpful, Bill.

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