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March 03, 2014


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We know that the law academy has somehow convinced itself that it exists to provide "knowledge generation" and thus has shifted to hiring persons divorced from the practice of law and pursuing other disciplines. This truly misguided approach has contributed to the present failures that are sweeping legal academia.
One wonders, however: have you perceived any overt antipathy to the practice of law? In other words, you are supposedly learning to be a lawyer from folks who, in the main, really have no clue about how to be a lawyer. But, do these profs excuse their ignorance by decrying those who do?
(This antipathy is palpable behind the scenes; is it as overt in the classroom/during office hours/casual meetings/conversations?

New normal

The real problem is that captured toothless tiger known as the ABA. Senator Boxer senator Grassley, where are you?

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