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March 18, 2014


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Will Lee Epstein be moving too?


Lee will be coming over as well as a professor.

I'm interested to hear people's reactions to this. Was it surprising? In a good or bad way? People seemed really impressed with the Syverud hire, as he had some legal academia rock star cachet, but no one's really said anything about this one. Seems like both Nancy and Lee have done some really fine research, and I like the idea that it's 2 for 1. They also really seem to fit in with WUSTL Law's other Emperical Legal Studies people. But will this have a Syverud-type impact on WUSTL's reputation? Doesn't seem like that at this point, with all due respect to Nancy and Lee. But I don't know much about this, so someone correct me if I'm wrong.


I believe it would also be nice to have spelled Nancy's last name correctly the two times it was listed on this post.

Kim Krawiec

Yes -- Staudt

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