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March 27, 2014


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I have a question. Perhaps you can help me out with it. How does one teach at the Charlotte School of Law and still manage to sleep at night? The school has some of the worst of the worst outcomes in terms of job placement and student loan debt, and is of course run by a private company that has dropped any pretense of existing for any purpose other than squeezing maximum profits out of the naive young. I have heard some seriously disturbing stories of your school's desperate and unemployed graduates spewing out in great numbers across the suburbs and exurbs of Charlotte in a futile attempt to find work. (Only about a third find full-time, long-term, non-solo, bar passage-required jobs. Virtually none get jobs with salaries high enough to pay off student loans within the standard ten year period.) I appreciate your being willing to have a discussion, but seriously, I don't see how you can justify what you are doing.

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