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March 10, 2014


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No, breh.

I haven't really followed this series, but is this a guessing game? I think I know where this might be if it is.

Alfred Brophy

Yes, breh, I'm asking where the cemetery is. Answers most welcome.

No, breh.

Woodside, CA?

No, breh.

Actually, having now Googled it, I'm not so sure.

Alfred L. Brophy

Hi No, breh -- very interesting guess. There is a Union Cemetery in Woodside & it looks like a place I'd like to visit. This is another Union Cemetery -- I'm guessing there may be a few of those around the country founded in the 1880s. This is in a place you might not think of as a prime candidate for a "Union" cemetery (though then again, there are US cemeteries with United States war dead all over the south).

Anyone want a better hint?

Joel Eisen

I think it is the Union Cemetary in Greensboro. Tricky, this one.

Alfred Brophy

You got it, Joel. Yes, tricky. It's an African American cemetery -- bet there's a really interesting story here, which Martha may fill us in on.

Joel Eisen

I saw that. I have to confess I had no idea about this one, just got it from your clue and a bit of sleuthing in Google Images.

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