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March 20, 2014


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ALS Alum in Search of a Snappy Username

Cue faculty unionization and demonization of the school's Dean?


Cue Naive Troll in Search of a Snappy Username

ALS Alum in Search of a Snappy Username

What's Naive about highlighting that multiple schools are now downsizing faculty without there being the same sort of public fiasco that landed ALS on the front page of the NYLJ twice in one week?


It is mostly your repeated questioning that it is impossible that this real crisis is being used by some in a "let no crisis go unwasted" manner - i.e. that the downsizing is being used to accomplish ends other than right-sizing schools. A little bit that you keep equating the downsizing at other schools with what was threatened at ALS.

I meant to call such a belief naive, not you naive on the whole. That was just me being unartful in my attempt at humor.

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