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April 01, 2014


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Guessing this is satire. If so, its too thinly veiled.


Well done.


Can we all just stipulate that holistic here is utter bs?


Is this truth or an April Fool's piece?


Dan, excellent post.


Ahh, April Fools! In that context, I take back the "too thinly veiled" comment.

Greg Sergienko

Good post, but I can't figure out the reference to UW-Tacoma.

Mike Spivey

We tried something similar and got the obligatory hate email:

I have a new theory that we get grouchy as we age because the older you get the more you try to desperately try to maintain a sense of frivolity but that effort is increasingly quelled by memories of 1-2 freakouts. It's understandably why the paranoia for deans of law schools grows exponentially.

Dan Filler

The UW-Tacoma campus is in the works!

No, breh.

"Reaction among professors has been muted, although Paul Campos, the Harold Camping Professor of Law at the University of Colorado, argued that this change was unlikely to reverse the trend of law schools admitting students based primarily on their ability to apply to law school."

Well played, for at least two reasons I can spot here.

Steven Freedman (KU Law)

I heard the ABA also made Standard 601 (libraries) an optional accreditation requirement, reasoning that students aren't really that into books anymore. Law schools choosing to forgo their libraries will be required to maintain a twitter based reference system.

Jeffrey Harrison

Yet another elitist trick!!

Steve Diamond

LOL. I've made the big time now, boyo!

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