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February 03, 2014


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I would caution that anyone who is interested in this story should click through Kristof's links. Allen (who sounds like a miserable human being, btw) has always denied that he did anything improper, and says that the allegations are the result of coaching by his ex-wife. While that may not sound unusual, the state police commissioned an independent panel of psychiatrists to evaluate the girl's account. The panel -- again, put together by police, and not Allen -- concluded that it was likely that she was being coached and that the incidents never happened.

This isn't to say that they were right; you could imagine, for instance, a scenario where Allen did assault her, and she was nonetheless coached (sort of like what lawyers do when they prep a witness). But when you read her account, just keep in mind that there's a nonzero chance that what she undoubtedly is remembering is the result of a false memory being implanted when she was very young.

Lois Turner

Likewise, anyone interested in the story should read this thoughtful and well-sourced article.

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