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February 05, 2014


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Martha Jones

That's Winston-Salem, NC and the African Moravian Church. I've never been. Worth seeing, Al?

Alfred L. Brophy

You are, of course, correct Martha. Wow it doesn't take long for you to solve these questions. I figured this one was going to take a long time. The whole old Salem community is worth seeing (I was there only briefly recently, but I hope to go back again soon). Winston-Salem is remarkably close to Chapel Hill--maybe surprising that in nearly six years here I haven't been there before. So definitely worth the trip.

Martha Jones

I love a good antebellum challenge! Keep 'em coming!

Eugene Mazo

Nice to see you in Winston-Salem, Al. Come back and visit us again.

Alfred L. Brophy

Gene--it was really good to meet you and your colleagues. I hope to come back soon to hang out with you, spend some time at Old Salem, and also in your library's special collections reading about the debate topics of the Wake Forest literary societies before The War....

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